AdeQuate Add-ons

AdeQuate Add-ons Pack

We are happy to see our Clients Grow. You have nothing to worry about if your Team or Website is growing. You do not have to buy a complete new Plan if you need more Limits. Easily purchase an Add-ons and add it to your current subscription to increase your Limits

We have Add-ons for
Email Accounts
Email Signatures
Website Pages
On-Page SEO

Email Add-ons
(Paid Yearly)

5 Emails


The Email Add-on adds 5 more Email accounts to your current AdeQuate Email Hosting Plan.
[email protected]

5 Email Signature


We will create and manage up to 5 Business Email Signatures for your Team.

Website Add-on
(One-Time Fee)

5 Pages


This Website Add-on adds 5 more Pages to your current Website at AdeQuate Digital Solutions.

SEO Add-on
(One-Time Fee)

5 On-Page SEO


5 Pages Standard On-Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get your Website on search engines like Google, Bing, and others.