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Keep your growing audience engaged by always sending the perfect message at the right time, in the right place.

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Professional Marketing Campaigns Made Simple.





Easy Yearly Payments

Every Business has its plan.

Grow your business from day one with our Annual plan.


1,000 Users

1 Monthly Newsletter

1 Automation

1,000 Subscribers

Pro Email Designs

Own Domain Sender

Free Email Verification


Resend to unopened 


AdeQuate Support Included


10,000 Users

4 Monthly Newsletter

5 Automation

10,000 Subscribers

Pro Email Designs

Own Domain Sender

Free Email Verification

Resend to unopened


AdeQuate Support Included


Focus on Growth

Every time there’s a new email subscriber, we’re running a background check with everything that we can about that email, to make sure that there are real people behind it.

If somehow, your subscribers stop opening your email for months, they will automatically be removed, so that you didn’t have to pay for those dormant email addresses that didn’t want to do business with you but didn’t unsubscribe either.

These continuous checkings are running in the background. 


Resending to Unopens 

It’s no longer a secret that the most effective way to double or even triple your email campaign revenue is by re-sending to everyone who missed your email the first time around.

We all live busy lives and just because an email hasn’t been opened the first time, doesn’t mean they didn’t want to receive your email!

We’ve made it push-button simple to segment the people who missed the email the first time and give you a second chance to capture their attention!


It can do all this!

We help you grow your business, not your bill.

Grow Subscriber List

Deliver Emails at the Right Time

Deliver Emails at the Right People

Email Validation

Automation Campaign 

Resend unopened 

Track Results


Signup Forms

+ Many more


Be everywhere your customers are.

We create a professional-looking email in no time! Provide you what your business needs. Send campaigns, build automations, create forms, manage contacts, measure and optimize results.


Email Marketing

We create highly engaging, responsive newsletters and deliver your message the right way.

Email Automation

We offer unique customer journeys with timely, relevant emails that take things off your plate.

Email Tracking

Stop guessing and start connecting with unlimited tracking that reveals your visitor’s every move.

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